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Million STEM 
jobs as of 2020


Projected STEM job growth 


out of 10 jobs today are computer related

Why stem career?


A chance to work on cutting edge fields like computer technology, medicine, robotics, and many more.

job availability

More jobs are added all the time so you are never going to find a scarcity of jobs for someone with your qualifications.

high pay

Studies have shown that people with a degree in STEM-related work get paid more than someone with a bachelor’s degree in anything else.

critical thinking

Being a problem solver in the classroom and at work can lead to you being a problem solver in life as well. Being trained in a STEM field can assist you in your everyday world.

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Launch Your Tech Career 


Launch Your Tech Career announces the CAM Technology Scholarship to local Cumberland County students attending Rowan College of South Jersey (Cumberland). The scholarship serves as a catalyst to increase the proportion of minorities in STEM careers. It is also designed to inspire and encourage excellence in technology education and career development toward achieving a diverse and dynamic workforce.

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Launch your
tech career today!

Deadline is 4/15/2021

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